Golf Specific Sessions

Following your TPI screening you may choose to compliment your home/gym exercises by attending sessions for manual therapy to improve your movement or for supervised training to check your technique and progress your exercises appropriately.

(If you are an injured golfer you should book a regular physiotherapy assessment with Neil)


Without mobillity you cannot build good movement patterns, strength, power and fundamentally, a good golf swing.  TPI state that the fastest way to improve mobility is through manual therapy performed by a qualified TPI Medical Professional.  Following your mobility screening Neil will utilise his physiotherapy knowledge and TPI training to improve your movement where you need it most.  ‘Hands on’ manual therapy will get you moving much quicker than any form of exercise.  This is critical to both your functional movement as a human being but also to the efficiency of your golf swing.

Then build strength and power

As a certified TPI Fitness Professional Neil will use his knowledge gained from the Titleist Performance Institute and experience of training several Tour Pros along with hundreds of amateur golfers to tailor and supervise a bespoke golf training programme for you.  Neil will screen you for strength and power and identify the areas you need to improve.  He will then supervise your training sessions, adapting them along the way, to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.  Training will focus on strength, mobility, balance and power. 

Do you want to maintain your health and fitness with the bonus of it being in a golf specific manner?

Sessions will have a golf focus but Neil will also use his physiotherapy knowledge and associated expert knowledge of the function of the human body to ensure injury prevention is taken care of.  Regular training sessions will allow Neil to build up a thorough understanding of how your body functions allowing for a highly individualised training and physiotherapy service to keep you at peak health and fitness.  

Re-Screening included

When you sign up for a monthly/fortnightly/weekly package, regular Titleist Performance Institute re-screening is included.  Neil will tailor your home exercise programmes throughout the year to match your progress.

Money back guarantee on first session

Neil will happily offer a money back guarantee after your first session.  So you can come along and try a session, if you decide it’s not for you Neil will give you a full refund.

Not used to gym training

Neil will be tailoring exercises to suit all levels of physical ability.  If you have never set foot in a gym this is the perfect solution for you.  In Neil’s clinic he will guide you through your exercises and you can then continue with these at home between sessions with Neil.

Looking for high level training

The equipment available to Neil allows for all levels of strength and power to be developed within a golf specific framework.  See below for a list of training equipment.   



One to One with Neil

Train with a friend

Monthly fee

Monthly fee per person

1 session per month



2 sessions per month



4 sessions per month




Book now

Book now


All packages include your personal online home exercise programme and regular Titleist Performance Institute re-screening.

Other Details

  • Free onsite parking
  • Never miss a session! Monthly packages paused for holidays/business travel
  • There is the flexibility to adjust your package for the off season/playing season if desired. ie 4 sessions per month during the off season and reducing to 2 per month during the playing season
  • Sessions will be tailored for all ability levels

Training Equipment

  • Hammer Head Anchor wall gym system (TRX & resistance bands)
  • Dumbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine balls
  • Wall balls
  • Olympic bar
  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • Weighted bars
  • Gym ball
  • Plyometric step
  • Balance/Stability pads
  • Foam Roller
  • Massage Balls
  • Massage stick