Golf Testimonials

bethBeth Allen, Ladies European & LPGA Tour Professional

3 times LET winner & 2016 LET order of merit winner
Since moving to Edinburgh I have had the privilege of working with Neil. I have found that through specialised programs that are easy to do during my travels, my strength and flexibility have improved. More importantly, I have been playing injury free. I am currently playing my 14th season on the LPGA and Ladies European Tours and having a physio that is able to work with me while I am home and away has been fantastic.

pamelaPamela Pretswell Asher, Ladies European Tour Professional

13 top 10 finishes on the LET
I had problems with my lower back for years leading me to see countless physios both at home and when travelling on tour. Neil was recommended to me by a friend and within minutes of our first session, my back was much improved. I cannot thank Neil enough for all his help as I would really have struggled to keep playing competitively without his help. We set up an exercise programme that I can do both at home and on the road which is a major benefit. Neil really takes the time to understand what each individual needs and I cannot recommend him enough.


Neil’s TPI programme enabled me to improve my flexibility and the strength of the muscle groups  that are most important to the golf swing. He devised a superb personal programme that I use when I am out on tour, and I touch base with Neil whenever I return to Edinburgh. Through my TPI workout and hands on physio appointments I have been able to increase my flexibility while working hard to increase my strength. This is where I have seen a massive difference in my game, I am able to hit the ball great distances but at a fraction of the effort. My consistency has also greatly improved as a result of improvements in the physical aspects identified by my TPI screening.”


I have done fitness work before but this is far more specific to both golf and my personal makeup. Neil has analysed me from top to toe and the problems he has identified all clearly link to the changes we want to make with my swing. The TPI programs are great and I work on these at home, in the gym and when on tour. The hands on physio also really helped to make a difference. Each session would show an improvement. I am really excited about the work we have been doing and think that my golf is going to go from strength to strength as a result.”


“Working with neil on my golf fitness has been massively beneficial to my game and wellbeing.  His knowledge and understanding of the body and how it relates to the golf swing are invaluable.  I see this as a key component in my progression as a professional golfer and
would recommend him to anyone.”


I had missed most of my last EuroPro Tour season due to a knee injury. I was advised to see Neil 
and all I can say is that I am glad I did. He did a very thorough assessment of my knee and my 
problem in general . He looked at how my entire body was functioning with my golf swing and 
identified that the knee was suffering because of problems elsewhere. The result is that I am now back playing pain free again. I have been hugely impressed with Neil’s knowledge of the body and also how he relates this to the mechanics of the golf swing. If you are a golfer and are in pain I would definitely recommend that you see Neil. I am now confident that myproblem has resolved and have Neil to thank for this!”


I have benefitted from the knowledge and expertise of Neil Aitken for over two years. Firstly, he enabled me to improve my golf swing by designing a programme of exercises to improve the mobility and flexibility in certain parts of my body which were restricting my swing. The results have been a more consistent swing and added distance.
Secondly, I have visited Neil on several occasions for physiotherapy treatment. He has always  accurately diagnosed the problem; treated it to my complete satisfaction and I leave with a number of exercises to do to assist the recovery process and to prevent the problem recurring.
I have recommended a number of people to Neil and all have been equally impressed.”


I have been impressed by Neil’s thorough approach and his attention to detail. He has a sound working knowledge of the body from his experience as a Chartered Physio. Neil found various weaknesses in my physical makeup which were all affecting my swing. I have been working on the exercise program which was easy to follow and found that they really targeted these weak areas with golf specific exercises. Along with help from my Golf Professional I have noticed major improvement not only in my ball flight anddistance, but also consistency. Put simply, if you want to improve your game invest in an assessment with Neil.”


I had been experiencing some lower back discomfort for the previous 2 years or so. The thorough screening process highlighted and quantified what I knew was a problem, namely that I didn’t have the same flexibility that I had had years ago. During the subsequent discussion with Neil, he advised that he would prepare a suitable program of exercises to work on my hip mobility / flexibility at first. The program was tailored to suit the amount of time I felt I could genuinely commit to each week. I found that the exercise sessions were easy to follow from the TPI website and about half way through the overall program I felt that I had some more flexibility in the hips, was standing straighter and didn’t feel so much discomfort after a game as I had before. At a follow up screening Neil re-assessed me and recorded increased flexibility. At that time I signed up for a follow-on program of exercises to work on my lower back area and I duly went through another training program at the end of which I felt even more flexible and more significantly, was experiencing far less discomfort after playing a full round. An additional benefit for me at least was that by listening to and understanding the body mechanics discussed with Neil, I was better able to implement the golf swing advice that I had been given by my golf pro. I was very impressed with the TPI approach and Neil’s support.


My main objective when starting the course was to try and alleviate the stiffness and soreness which I was starting to experience after my golf rounds. However, I was also conscious that at 62 I needed to pay closer attention to my overall fitness and flexibility if I was to continue to enjoy golf as far into retirement as possible. Having completed the initial course sessions I have been following the programme online and found this to be an easy and convenient way to progress through the recommended stages. I am delighted to say that not only has my main objective been achieved ( i.e. no more stiffness or soreness post golf ) but the greater flexibility and suppleness which the exercises have given me has also definitely improved my golf with 10 to 20 yards added to my distance from fairway and tee. A real bonus which I didn’t expect but is a very welcome surprise. Let’s hope I continue to be surprised for many years to come ! Many thanks again for your help and for your TPI programme which I am happy to recommend to anyone who wishes to enjoy their golf better and for longer.


Neil is a gifted sports physio who has the skill of developing small focused physical exercise programs which are tailored to your personal physiology, which makes a positive difference to your golf swing and feeling of wellbeing.


As a self confessed golf obsessive, it has been very frustrating for me that over the years my back has not been too keen to keep up with my interest in the sport! Having suffered with back problems for years I have seen many different people, primarily to help me to play pain free and to regain some flexibility to hopefully play a bit better as well.  I have started working with Neil recently and have already seen improvements.  The TPI screen was helpful to my understanding of movement and since then I have a simple set of exercises that I complete as regularly as I can and already my back feels so much better.  Even if that does not mean the scores come down, I am enjoying going out to play a lot more and day to day activities also feel so much easier.  I am very happy to recommend Neil as highly as possible.


I would like to say that I found the exercises very helpful.  They helped immediately with neck pain I had. I also found that I was hitting the ball further and straighter than before.


Working on the TPI exercises recommended by Neil really helped me regain flexibility and strength in key areas of my golf swing. It was encouraging to see measurable improvements when re-assessed after following the initial programme of exercises tailored to my swing needs. This provided motivation to keep doing the TPI routines as set by Neil; a few months later, in summer 2013, I was delighted to achieve my goal of getting my handicap back down into Category 1

In summary, TPI exercises have certainly benefitted my golf game and I’d definitely recommend SwingPro Physio to others wanting to swing more freely in order to improve their own golf .  


I was introduced to Neil last summer, 2013.  Following his presentation at Blairgowrie Golf club I took up the offer for him to assess my swing and provide a personalised programme of exercises to assist my swing and golf.  I found the process very informative, and the exercises provided were explained in detail and supported by video evidence.  I worked through the programme as suggested, initially carrying them out 3 times a week.  As my mobility improved I increased this to every 2nd day.

The outcome for me on a personal basis was that I felt my golf did improve, evidenced with me winning a number of competitions up to the end of the season and my handicap dropping from 11 to 9.5.