Golf Physio

Neil Aitken and The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

Creating Champions and Facilitating Pain Free Golf

Whether it is to win your next bounce game, lower your handicap, secure the club championship, progress through the various professional tours or simply to enjoy golf without pain, Neil is here to help. 

Neil Aitken was the first physiotherapist in Scotland to be certified as a Medical Professional with The Titleist Performance Institute.  The TPI medical screen involves the most detailed analysis of human movement in relation to the golf swing that TPI has to offer.  Neil also holds the TPI Fitness level 2 qualification facilitating the screening and training of golfers for strength and power.  As such Neil works with golfers of all levels from Tour Professionals through to club golfers.  His specialist work in this area is split between performance enhancement and the treatment of injured golfers.   

Neil’s area of expertise is human movement in relation to the golf swing.  His role is to treat injured golfers or to identify physical limitations that are impeding their technical improvement.  This could be due to mobility, stability, balance, strength or power.  As such Neil will look to compliment the work of your teaching professional as it is their role to determine the technical requirements of your golf swing.

If you are an injured golfer:

It is best to undertake a regular physiotherapy assessment with Neil.  He will perform a detailed assessment of your problem and will also examine the golf specific aspects relating to it.  He will use some of the TPI physical screening tests to do this to assess how the rest of your body is affecting the painful area.  The regular physiotherapy assessment is £60.  Once you have recovered from your injury you can then choose to undertake a complete TPI physical screening if you wish to.

How to get started with Neil and the TPI:  (for golf specific physical screening and subsequent exercise program)

  1. Contact Neil for an initial screening appointment or book online now
  2. Neil will conduct a 1:1 physical screening appointment where he will thoroughly examine your body’s funcion in relation to golf specific mobility, strength and power. (approx 1 hour; £85)
  3. Neil will assess the results of your screening and develop a six week customised exercise program to start improving your game (included in initial screening price)
  4. Manual therapy appointments to improve the mobility of tight joints and muscles or supervised personal training packages are available where Neil will help you to achieve your goals quicker.  To learn more about this and view the packages click here.
  5. When not using these packages, re-screening and follow-on exercise programmes are available (£60)

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