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COVID-19   We are open for face to face physiotherapy consultations for patients whose medical history is good and who feel a virtual appointment will not help them.  If you are in a higher risk group or wish to simply keep your contacts to a minimum then a virtual session is available.  

Following the government and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy guidelines we can offer an in clinic appointment.  If pain is affecting you, your medical history is good and you feel a virtual appointment will not help you, then we can offer a face to face session.  Virtual appointments will continue to be available for those who are shielding or for those for whom we feel we can manage their problem remotely by giving the proper management and rehab advice.

Rigorous health and safety measures have been put in place to maximise patient and staff safety.  PPE will be used, appointments will be spaced to allow cleaning of surfaces/contact points between patients and distancing will be used where possible.   

Please contact Neil directly before booking an appointment, we will discuss your situation and the criteria for an ‘in clinic’ appointment. 

Virtual appointments are in the form of a video call, organised at a time to suit you.  In a clinic appointment I would ask lots of questions to take a detailed history of your problem.  At the end of this questioning I would have formulated a likely diagnosis, before I had laid a hand on you.  In a video call we will go through the same questioning and I can then observe you moving your joints and muscles and trying exercises that we can load onto your screen to view. 

At the end of a virtual consultation you will have a working diagnosis, advice to follow regarding what to do/not to do and you will have exercises to work on.

You will have video clips of each of these exercises so you can be confident you are doing them correctly.

If I have not been able to diagnose your problem there will be no charge for the session.

For those who are less IT savy, do not worry, it is a simple click on a link in an email to start the video consultation.

Follow up sessions can be arranged to track progress, check your technique with the exercises and progress these exercises as appropriate.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Neil on 07745705632 to ask any questions about this or to arrange a session.

Virtual initial assessment £60 (up to 60 minutes)

Virtual follow up session £45 (up to 30 minutes)


A warm welcome to the Neil Aitken Physio Clinic centrally located at Prestonfield Golf Club (near the Commonwealth Pool) providing evidence based physiotherapy for all types of problem whether it’s sport’s related or day to day issues such as back or neck pain.  As experienced and friendly physiotherapists Neil & Pete are ready to help you on your road to recovery. 

Physical screening, training and physiotherapy for golfers are also available under the industry leading Titleist Performance Institute program.

Our massage therapist Dana is a popular person with her clients, helping them relax, loosen tight areas or to sooth those minor aches and pains. 

We look forward to helping you recover from your pain. 


About Our Clinic

At the Neil Aitken Physiotherapy Clinic our goal is to provide the highest level of patient care. We offer the latest evidence based techniques in general physiotherapy and also offer golf specific physio and training.

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Read about how Neil and the team have transformed and rehabilitated all types of injuries and limitations under his direction.

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